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Pete Lamberto is a young hot photographer with an funky look and a cool personality. When he asked me for a new edgy hairstyle I immediately thought we should change his haircolor from black to pastel pink and do a fresh cut “Pot Style”

As you can see on the photos it is a longer process to bleach black hair and usually it is necessary to bleach 2 or 3 times before the hair is actually blond. After the first bleach the hair will normally be very yellow.

Iphone2014 fott 2626Iphone2014 fott 2627marc2014 2588

Finally after 2 hours of bleaching the hair was ready for an ash blond toner to neutralize the yellow pigment.

Iphone2014 fott 2628

The foundation is now perfect and ready for final colour.

Iphone2014 fott 2629Iphone2014 fott 2630

The result is a very PRETTY PINK BOY.

Pete loves the look and if you want to check out his fantastic website go to