The Belt Trend, Winter 12/13

Photos by designers.

Many designers showed a wide range of belts in their A/W 2012 collections. Here are a few photos from Acne, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Haider Ackermann, Hermes and Versace’s A/W 2012-2013 collections.

Some outfits aren’t much to look at without accessories. That’s why designers have created numerous beautiful designs for belts, coming in different types, and flawlessly materialized them in their 2012-2013 collections as they are wrapped around the waists of models, complimenting the clothes they’re presenting on the runways.

Corset Belts

One of the classiest belts in 2012, corset belts are quite sought after. It made huge appearances in the catwalks and many like it!

Leather belts

Known for yielding belts, leather is a great 2012 trend. They’re created in various styles, designs and materials, guaranteed to do wonders for the waistline.

Fabric Belts

For belts, the fabrics must be functional. Other than leather, materials such as silk, satin, wool and suede are commonly used. Ranges of fabric belts are widely available in the market.

Jewellery Belts

This type of belt is embellished with the most gorgeous stones, beads, metals, clips, and rivets. They’re very voguish on elegant and dressy occasions such as evening parties and formal events.

Fur belts

Faux or genuine, fur adds a lot of trendiness to belts in this year’s seasons as its popularity grows among fad-loving wearers.

Skinny Belts

These belts are less wide, yet just as fashionable. The runways show thin, stylish, and unique belts, emphasizing its importance in the list of accessories for 2012.

Wide Belts

Designers have created many chic and eclectic belts that are bigger than normal belts. Their width rocks any outfit and upgrades every look to the highest level.

Unusual belts

Some fashionistas dare to be different. Along with their venture comes an urge to wear fresh and innovative pieces such as this type of beltto give a certain statement to their get-up. For 2012, the designs are interesting, eye catching and extraordinarily beautiful. Print patterns come in different forms and shapes, pretty floral prints, and wearer friendly materials.

Side Buckled Belts

Instead of being placed in the middle, buckles are elaborated on one side. Representing a huge belt trend for 2012, side buckled belts are produced in a massive scale to serve its growing commodity.

Velvet Belts

You’ll never go wrong with velvet as long as you wear it to the right affairs. Velvet belts for 2012 are sophisticated and modern.