What the Frog has been up to

Coffee with Pernille Sandberg at Bankeråt, early sale in Nue Notes (the line after almost 2 hours), see-through on top, draped on the bottom, Botanical Garden.

Summoning up some outfits. Everything’s black.

Botanical Garden for the second day in a row, breakfast with Vincent, the person I’m spending the most time with lately, coffee with Cille, Hanna and Vincent, pretty light before going to bed.

Blogging is at a minimum both here and on my own blog atm. simply because I am not home to make the posts. Instead I spend every second of my time after school in Copenhagen.
But what does she then do? Well, here is a little instagram-collage (something I normally don’t see as valid blogcontent, but bare with me for just one time), where you can see what I’ve been up to. Mainly just spending shitloads of money on public transport and cocoa.