The Fashion Frog in Paris!

Bonjour, dear PAF readers! I’m in Paris, the city of love and fashion.
Therefore I ¬†figured “What would be more appropriate, than an outfit post?”, so above you can see what I’ve been wearing the last two days.

At the left shot at Jardin de Tuileries: knee-high stockings, beanie and lace skirt from H&M, jacket from Monki, creepers from Underground, bag from Forever21 and blouse from Weekday Collections.

At the right shot at Louvre: trousers and jacket from Monki, t-shirt from H&M, rucksack from Topshop, vintage belt, and Converse sneakers.
Really digging the high-street and the monochrome look, and pretty much everything I’m wearing are a few years old. As I mentioned in my introduction post, I’m a sucker for black, so it comes as no surprise to me, that I felt a bit uncomfortable in the look to the right. You’d might find that statement ridiculous cause it isn’ at all a colorful look, but it was enough for me. Ouch!

See you later in Paris! / The Fashion Frog