Introducing The Fashion Frog

Picture of me by Molly Grønberg (link).

Hey dear PAF readers,
My name is Caroline, and I’ll be blogging here on the PAF blog once in a while, so I figured I’d better introduce myself first, so you get to know a little about me.
As just mentioned, my name is Caroline, I’m 14 years old and live in Denmark. My time, I spend in school, finishing my last year of ground school, and when I’m not sweating over the history books, I find myself wandering around the streets of Copenhagen, discovering new stores and taking in all the inspiration the people and the city provides you with when you let them.

I’m into fashion for god knows what reason, and I’m a sucker for all-black, playing with textiles and the trashy look. Biggest sources of inspiration: Copenhagen and the nightclub Simon’s. I think that says a lot.
I hope you will enjoy and read what I post here, and I also blog (more often) on my own blog TheFashionFrog.