Lanvin showoff!

This has been my favorite fashiondrawing since I was around 10 years old:


So when I saw the pictures launched with the news, that Jeanne Lanvin office will be opened for the public, I really started to hate the fact, that I don’t live in Paris, and I don’t have a private jet, that could just take me there whenever I’d like!



Source: Harpers Bazaar


American Eagle/Beagle!?

American Eagle Outfitters has released a collection under the name “American Beagle Outfitters” and the newly released look book is starring cool puppies! Dogs have been a fashionistas best friend for a long time now, but the doggies are only getting more fashionable with this new collection, there is raising money to benefit the ASPCA!


Watch the doggie-collection here!

Rihanna Takes over the Fashion World!

Rihanna has just been named a fashion icon at the CFDA fashion Award! I’ve never really thought of the singer as a fashion icon, though she has a controversial style. Here is some of my favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week, where she stole the spotlight completely!

rihanna1 rihanna2 rihanna3 rihanna4 rihanna5 rihanna6 rihanna7Especially the nude look in the net body by Wolford caught the eyes of everyone – no wonder! I think it’s kind of cool the way she goes over the edge, though I normally wouldn’t consider her “Fashion Icon Material”, but maybe fashion is changing?

The Little Mermaid as a fashion tramp!

It seems like The Little Mermaid is the next big fashion movie! According to rumors, Sofia Coppola will be the producer behind the movie, so as a fashionista, there is no way around it – though the costumes my be questionable! Wether you should start dressing like a mermaid or The Little Mermaid will start dressing like you (or perhaps like Miley Cyrus) is still unknown, but if you want to be ahead fashion-wise, it seems like you’ll have to take a look towards the sea!

little mermaid

And take a look at her shoes 😉

Is sneaks becoming a “fashion girl thing”?

There is no way around it – sneakers are a fashion girls “new best friend”! With appearance on the runway at Chanel and Dior – it seems like I have to admit, that sneaks are here to stay (at least for a little while), so I’ve picked out my favorite ones, in case I decide to join the “fashion girl league”, and become a sneakerhead!


He’s everywhere!

Karl Lagerfeld is everywhere right now!

First there was the fuss about the campaign he shot for his new Fragrance!

Karl-Lagerfeld-Fragrance-campaign-thbThen there was the fuss about him showcasing pictures of his beloved cat Choupette.

karl-catThen he did some weird app, that I’ve downloaded (off course), but I have no idea, what I’m supposed to use it for!


And latest news is, that the fitting rooms in his new London flagship, has been kitted out with iPads loaded with Karl-inspired photo filters, hoping that the customers will take a lot of #selfies and post them on online medias such as Instagram etc.


How can you not love this man!


Hotter by the minute!

My favorite sports brand has been Adidas since they started to colaborate with Stella McCartney (off course), but the brand is only getting hotter and more fashion by the minute!

The new collection for Topshop is so cool, it makes me want to jog around the entire city as long as I get to wear one of the amazing outfits <3




I’m not a big fan of tattoos, but as long as you can wash it away, it might be time to try something new, and with star models such as Cara Delevingne, the tattooed-fashion-statement was bound to happen! London based CiatĂ© (one of my favorite nailpolish-brands) that has already revolutionized the way we use nailpolish in the form of the caviar collection (among others) are ofcourse behind this new nail trend – tattooed cuticles! I don’t know about you, but I think this is a trend I will have to try – as long as I can wash it off, when I get bored and something new comes a long 😉


Walk of Shame!

The way ahead is social media! There is nothing new in that, but if you doubt it, just check out the Moscow based brand “Walk of Shame” (WalkofShameMoscow on Instagram and Facebook)! The brand has no budget for Marketing, but is now getting attention from big fashion medias! The brand is one to watch – if not else, just for the cool name 😉

walk of shame1 walk of shame2 walk of shame3 walk of shame4

Back to school!

It seems like backpacks are the new black, so though I have spend the last 25 years hating them, maybe it is time to reconsider?

Here is a couple of bags that I actually think is kind of cool, depending on your style and statement:


Favorite Oscar dresses!

The Oscars are here and the best thing about is off course – the dresses! Here is some of my favorites through the last years:

oscar-amy adams oscar de la renta 2013 oscar-Cate Blanchett Valentino 2005 Oscar-Hilary swank guy laroche 2005 oscar-kate hudson atelier Versace 2003 oscar-michelle williams vera wang 2006 oscar-mila kunis elie saab 2011 oscar-rooney mara givenchy 2012 oscar-zoe saldana givenchy 2010

From top: Amy Adams – Oscar de la Renta 2013, Cate Blanchett – Valentino 2005, Hilary Swank – Guy Laroche 2005, Kate Hudson – Atelier Versace 2003, Michelle Williams – Vera Wang 2006, Mila Kunis – Elie Saab 2011, Rooney Mara – Givenchy 2012 & Zoe Saldana 2012.


Campaign of the season!

I have a weakness for the cool-attitude of Alexander Wang – I always have and I probably always will, which is why, this is my ultimate favorite campaign for spring 2014! Marc Jacobs using Miley Cyrus doesn’t stand a chance next to the attitude of Wangs campaign! The statement of this campaign is clear – the Wang-girl really doesn’t give a fuck!


 wangspring20143 wangspring20142 wang-spring-2014-adwangspring20144

Blue lips!

PAF’s Beauty Editor Marc, is not the only one to go for the “blue” shades when it comes to lipstick this season! It seems like the classic red has to leave the spotlight for a while to make room for the blue lipcolor! Though I’m impressed by Marc, and I actually kind of like the look from Ria Keburias show, I’m not sure, that this is a trend I’m ready to follow!

blue lips - ria keburia - russia fw

blue lips - backstage Vivienne Westwood

blu lips-lv

From the top: Ria Keburia, Backstage at Vivienne Westwood, Louis Vuitton show.

Should I go sheer?

I’m a big fan of Christopher Bailey and his work for Burberry! Though the AW collection has just been showcased at London FW, I’m still obsessing about the SS14 collection. The Prorsum collection is among my favorites every season and though I’m a bit scared to go there – I kind of wanna go sheer this year! I’m so intrigued by the collection, though I’m not sure that I have the figure to pull it of, and even if I should try, I’m not sure that Denmark is openminded enough for someone to walk the street in an outfit like this!


If I decide to go sheer, I definitely hope I will be wearing the Agent Provocateur Deborah skirt <3

Is Star Wars becoming fashion?

First LA based Rodart and now British Preen has been using Star Wars print in their AW14/15 collection! Now the question is, if Star Wars is becoming fashion? Though I’m especially facinated by some of the Rodarte dresses, I can’t really imagine myself wear Star Wars print, but maybe I will have to think again?

star-preen1 star-preen3 star-rodarte2 star-rodarte4

From top: Preen, Rodarte

It’s out!


The Mulberry/Cara bag range is official!

The luxury fashion group finally unveiled a new collection of bags in collaboration with Cara delevigne.

The “Made-in-England” Cara Delevigne collection consists of three sizes bags with three different finishes and was launched by Mulberry in London today.

The name is inspirred by Cara, who has “Made in England” tattoed on her foot.

The British model, who has shot to fame, working for luxury brands such as Chanel and Burberry, is a regular face in fashion Magazines and billboards and has been staring the Mulberry adds for the last two seasons and is therefore the perfect choise for a collaboration.


Is there a Cara bag on the way?


Mulberry has just confirmed, that there’s a collaboration with our favorite model Cara Delevingne on the way! As everybody else – my guess is a “Cara bag”, to take over from the Alexa bag (I’m not gonna mention the Del Rey, cause though I’m a great admire of the artist, the bag was no big thing)! Lets hope that Cara (if it turns out to be true) will do better, and be just as cool, as “her” name sister!


Cool but cozy!

Though the weather is heading up, it is still cold outside, wich makes me dream of something cool but still cozy!

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 8.27.53 PM

Knit: Jonathan Simkhai/, Boots: Nly/, Jeans: H&M, Nailpolish: Essie, Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim/

Agent Provocateur Press Day!


Went to AP’s press day yesterday to see the beautiful new collection (and sip Champagne on a monday)! It’s no secret, that AP is among my absolute favorite brands, and this collection is no exeption – I want everything they have in that store!

I simply can’t wait to “play” with some of the new things for the next PAF-shoot – it will be AMAZING!

The picture above is only a preview to see what’s in store for the next issue – all the pictures from the event will be showcased in the spring issue of PAFMagazine.

Thank you AP for a great evening – and a gorgeuos new collection!


foto (4)

Pictures by: ©

DANSK Press Brunch!

DANSK press brunch2 DANSK press day1

CPH Fashion Week just ended, but once again DANSK Magazine invited the fashion crowd to a press brunch, showcasing their favorites for the Autumn/Winter14-15 season! I already have my eyes on something for PAF, though I have to be patient – we need it to be summer before we go for another winter (hopefully)!